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    Sunday, April 27th, 2014
    2:49 pm

    Character Name: Kal-El
    Age: 35
    Fandom: DC Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Species: Kryptonian
    Gender: Male
    Loyalties: (Regime)
    Wiki Link:http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Kal-El_(Injustice:_The_Regime)

    Appearance: (He clothing in darker and he look more evil, after the fact that he kill his true love) i>

    Personality: (Superman is more Kryptonain than Human from Earth. He eve doesn’t respond to the name Clark Kent, seeing his human name as being beneath him and the genetics behind his Kryptonian name to pronounce him superior and dominant to Earth and its citizens.)

    Powers & Abilities:: Powers are the following, Kryptonian Physiology, X-Ray Vision, Flight, Invulnerability, Self-Sustenance, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Heat Vision,

    Abilities is the following Genius Level Intellect.

    PB: Henry Cavill
    Link to Icon: (http://www.insanejournal.com/userpic/29114978/3999814)


    Player Name: Sean
    Preferred Method of Contact:: sirgrunt@gmail.com
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